The Rione Junno

Le Casette nel Rione are located in Rione Junno of Monte Sant’Angelo, UNESCO site.

il Rione Junno, millennial historical center

The Rione Junno is a millennial district, full of small terraced houses.
The houses were born as a refuge for the pilgrims of San Michele and had a maximum size of 30 meters.

Rione Junno in Monte Sant’Angelo

In the past they were inhabited by very large families, up to 10 people.
All the houses were equipped with a system of cisterns that collected rainwater, used for domestic use.

Entrance of the Basilica of San Michele

The Rione Junno is located in a strategic position to visit the main attractions of Monte Sant’Angelo.
Park the car and go to the discovery it.
The Basilica of San Michele, the Castle and the M.E.T.A. are a few minutes walk away.

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