Reservation form [show_price before="" style="float:right;"]

All reservation fields can be replaced by hidden fields to either permanently set their value or take the value from the widget or search form - without letting the guest change it.
Arrival Select Date
There are two different ways for your guests to select the reservation period. Either this guided date selection.
[date-from-hour value="12"][date-from-min value="0" increment="10"]
Or simple date fields. Delete either as they wont work together. The hour and minute fields can be removed. You can also edit them to set which hours and minutes can be selected.
[date-to-hour value="12"][date-to-min value="0" increment="10"]
The departure field can also be replaced by a billing unit select. Your guests would only have to select how many hours/days/nights they want to stay.
Many options like restricting the amount of adults can be set directly at the form field.
While called adults and children in the plugin you can use them for anything. You can replace the label at any place the guest can see.

Personal information

[name] Required
[email] Required
A simple custom field.
You set them up under settings -> custom
They can change the price as well for optional or additional fees
[submit Send]
Total price